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Provided by nature, Delivered by science.

Aarsha Ayur Essentials is a brand dedicated to providing the highest quality of Traditional medicines with a modern touch of nanotechnology. Our products are focused on balancing, grounding, and nourishing the body, mind, and soul. And we do it all with non-GMO ingredients and no synthetic fillers. That’s wellness, well done.

Sustainability is in our nature.

We stay rooted in our mission and values as we continue to grow in our connection to nature, our local communities, and to the earth.We reckon high-quality standards from choosing Herbs to reaching customers. Our manufacturing unit is built under strict quality standards and is certified as a GMP unit.

Our Vision

To develop natural medicine as a mainstream preventive healthcare system that will improve the quality of life with high efficacy at an affordable cost.

Our Mission

To manufacture high-quality chemical-free natural products utilizing advanced technologies to promote natural healing.

Our Roots


100% Natural

No Side Effects


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    Bacopa monnieri Herbal Capsules
    Bacopa monnieri Capsulesv

    Nano Brahmi-Bacopa monnieri Capsules

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    memory booster capsules
    herbal memory booster capsules

    Nano Medha Max-Aarsha M Capsules

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